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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hopes and Expectations

Faith is one of the most significant aspects of human existence, both when it is given and when it is received. The knowledge that someone expects the best from us works wonders in our lives.

We give our best when the best is expected of us. When we realize that someone has high hopes in us and the faith that we are capable of high performance, we tend to fulfill their hopes.
If the high expectations others have in us to realize them, it is also true in the case of negative behavior. The undesirable behavior of many children may be the result of the expectations by parents, teachers and class mates that they will behave in that manner.

The expectations of people significant to us is communicated to us in diverse ways, often quite unwittingly through a smile, a nod, their tone of voice, posture, facial expressions and so on. These tend to change our belief in ourselves and encourage us to do better.

If someone expects to behave in a friendly manner towards him, we do not become hostile. We do not behave harshly towards someone who believes we are kind and gentle. We tend to be helpful towards someone who we know expects our help and counts on our helpfulness.

We make our lives successful because there are people who believe in us and set us on the road to confident achievement. They often do that even before we are capable of consciously believing in ourselves. If we esteem ourselves, it is because others have esteemed us first. The great gift a person who loves us can give to us is to have faith in us.

From early childhood we grow because of the love we receive from others at a time we are only capable of receiving. Whether we like or not, we are dependent on other people who are important in our lives and who make us grow by the faith they response in us. We are trusting and trustworthy because others have trusted us first. We become lovable because others have loved us and made us lovable.

It is a common experience that those who love us bring out the best in us. We respond to their love in ways that promote our own growth. Our splendid dreams in life, our hidden talents and noble aspirations blossom in the sunshine of the warmth and acceptance that others offer us.

The love and acceptance given to people who need it for their growth, is not wasted. There are so many us in whose lives there is at least one person to whom we attribute a key role in our success drama. We can tell them that we are successful because they thought that we could be.

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Gushing Fountain

I walked up to the park
To see the reality that was stark
With a beautiful scenery
And a hallucinating perfume

I saw the birds flying in the sky
The sky was reddish white
And the sun was overpowered
By the dark clouds

The sun’s light faded out
It was the reign of
The black king

I saw the ants working
Slowly and steadily
I felt a wave of triumph
I had a way to success
I saw the fountain gushing
I felt a new one gushing
In my heart.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Someone waits for you

The feeling that someone is waiting for us can work miracles in our lives. We all need someone to wait for us. When you return home from a long and difficult journey, you are happy at the thought your family and your friends will be waiting for your arrival. You want to share your experiences of pain, hardships and exhilaration with someone who stayed home and awaiting your return.

The soldier who is posted in difficult boarder areas and in constant danger, keeps his mental and physical health intact in spite of serious threats to both because, he knows his wife and children and all his friends are waiting for him.

One spouse wait for the other to return home after a long span of time engaged in his duties.An elderly father and mother wait for their son to come from a faraway place before they give up the struggle and die. Their waiting gives them life and hope.

We are fortunate if there is at least one person waiting for us. That awareness gives joy in living and a fresh lease of life when there seems to be no other reason to carry on.

Thousands of people give up hope and commit suicide or just fade away and die because there is no one to light up their lives. They do not know of anyone waiting for them. So then it hardly matters if they have a tomorrow or not.

Waiting, of course is not limited to a brief period of time. It may span many years of one’s life. It may be for someone to change his ways and grow. Perhaps the most beautiful example of waiting is parents waiting hopefully for their children to grow.

They watch them as they grow, confident that the little ones will one day become big. They know they can trust their children to grow in their own ways and that they need not be overprotected and insured against all insecurities. They know that their children’s lives and their hope in them will blossom to their fullness and their waiting will not be futile.

If our waiting for others can produce dramatic and lasting results, we have considerable power for good in the lives of others. We can make gratitude to those who have loved us and waited for us that we in turn can wait for others and promote their growth and well-being.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

In Search of

I saw two men
scanning a garbage tin
they seemed
like aimless wanderers
a mad dream.

Enquired one,
“What do you search?”
Replied the other
just looked for
half-burnt slices of life”.

“And you?”
The man was hesitant
but then
he mumbled slowly,
I am in search
of my identity.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Elusive Peace

Here you will find
the elusive peace
your mind wanders
your spirit is restful

Take the cue
count your 
worry beads
a statue
a case of roses
the hollow sound
of song and ceremony
mere echoes of
forgotten memories
when prayer was heard

Remember again
cross your breast
make a pray
you will find
extreme peace
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