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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Old Banyan Tree

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The old Banyan Tree
In my village
Fell with a thundering noise.
People ran helter-shelter
many made a profit
And to many it saved
a month’s fuel
that was all.

The greatest Banyan tree
Of the country
The Mahatma
fell or rather was felled
it was 1948
that was not at all.

Till date
 his burnt-up limbs
are used and reused as fuel
 in all our politician’s career
to keep alive their cooking flame
A proverb comes here :
“Dead or alive
An elephant is worth
A thousand gold sovereigns.”

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Vision

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The obscure sky shadows 
My reckless efforts 
And  I stumble again 
Hitting against the 
Hard rock of fate 

The wound is raw
The heart broken 
Yet I gather each fragment 
with much care and solicitude
in case a tear may block my vision 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Winter Sky

Not a leaf stirred
winter sky standing still
in an unbearable silence
like the burdened soul.

Distant thunder
threatening to unleash
the torrential 
downpour,any moment.

How will  I face you
after years of placidity,desolation
I am so used to
my limits of solitude
your domain
spreading to eternity
so much freedom,so much space.

I feel lost
like desperate hands grappling
with uncontrollable waves
of the vast turbulant ocean
and time stood still 
like the overcast winter sky.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Books and Me

When I fell in love with books
fell madly, passionately in love,
you didn’t tell me that
I can’t live without books.

When you made the introductions
that I was committed
to the little kitchen set
in my toy trunk
that it was only
a matter of our
growing up.

Now that I blame you,
but it’s just that
bookcases don’t fit in kitchens
it’s a long walk to the library.

who doesn’t know that
love and loyalty
can be tiring,
when they are different.
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