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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Night Heron

Red trees in evening's darkening glow
Breeze cat-footed,stealthy,alert
Like an ashen bird's 
first awakening your eyes 
Take in the night 
Eight night herons voyage on

Eight silent pilgrims or prospectors
In the distance mountains loom
Like destiny
With the bitter reluctance 
of a waking child 

A star begins to blink 
the landscape blurs
no more the song of the cicadas
here let us part
And peal off the pearly flowers of
rainy afternoons

One by one only to move 
on like night herons
And watch each other gently
bear into the night.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I' ve Not Given Up

How come I’m still a seed
beginning to dry up
before snow fairies have
visited me

Inside this darkening womb
I dream of life
when all around me
buried corpses
whisper prayers for the dead

I have thrust out my arms  
from between the twisted
roots of grass
yet the gardener refuses to
make a vent in
the earth for my living thoughts

Let me have a reason
for my death
showers fall and return
it hurts that my strength
                                                is my persistence.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Immortal Love !

The mists rained on that chilly night
When the two restless hearts lay miles apart 
Wide awake in their cozy beds 
Tossing,twisting and turning 
Waiting for sleep to creep into their eyes.

They were sleepless nights full of agony
When mutual thoughts flooded their minds 
Making them suffer in silence 
This silent suffering was true love.

When each night they lay with sorrow 
It was washed away by that salty spring 
They slept praying to the Lord in silence.

Have mercy on us Oh! Lord 
Let us not suffer for that mortal love
Take us into the immortal world 
Where our desires may be fulfilled.

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