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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Night Heron

Red trees in evening's darkening glow
Breeze cat-footed,stealthy,alert
Like an ashen bird's 
first awakening your eyes 
Take in the night 
Eight night herons voyage on

Eight silent pilgrims or prospectors
In the distance mountains loom
Like destiny
With the bitter reluctance 
of a waking child 

A star begins to blink 
the landscape blurs
no more the song of the cicadas
here let us part
And peal off the pearly flowers of
rainy afternoons

One by one only to move 
on like night herons
And watch each other gently
bear into the night.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I' ve Not Given Up

How come I’m still a seed
beginning to dry up
before snow fairies have
visited me

Inside this darkening womb
I dream of life
when all around me
buried corpses
whisper prayers for the dead

I have thrust out my arms  
from between the twisted
roots of grass
yet the gardener refuses to
make a vent in
the earth for my living thoughts

Let me have a reason
for my death
showers fall and return
it hurts that my strength
                                                is my persistence.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Immortal Love !

The mists rained on that chilly night
When the two restless hearts lay miles apart 
Wide awake in their cozy beds 
Tossing,twisting and turning 
Waiting for sleep to creep into their eyes.

They were sleepless nights full of agony
When mutual thoughts flooded their minds 
Making them suffer in silence 
This silent suffering was true love.

When each night they lay with sorrow 
It was washed away by that salty spring 
They slept praying to the Lord in silence.

Have mercy on us Oh! Lord 
Let us not suffer for that mortal love
Take us into the immortal world 
Where our desires may be fulfilled.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Late Evening !

A late evening ! I am alone
yet not wholly so
A crowd has feeling too
Enough to shift a little 
and let me sit 
on a teeny edge 
to rest my aching legs awhile.

I wonder afterwards.....
What if  I faint 
from sheer exhaustion 
They might pick me up 
What if I puke 
since I am not feeling well 
Will they....will they....?

The late evening is not black 
It is beautiful
Blue sky stretching clouds 
colored golden-milk 
Between the outstretched arm of 
trees turned black and solid 
before the day.

Alone,but not lonely 
I taste the first taste 
of my honesty
and my strength.
Home I do not think of,
But of destinations,desires,aims.

The late evening distills my wishes 
The scum,the slag dissolved....
all in my tiredness ....
and there remains 
precious little
Only the truth,existence and 
the desire to create.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Still ! I Wait

On the edge of your pale lips
A word has fluttered
Like a butterfly of many colors 
and many wings 
weeping silently on a fading flower.

Your brows creased in concentration 
you have drawn upon
all your reserves of energy 
to utter a single word of solace 
you can't bear to see me cry 
But between you,me and the walls 

We all know
It's a year since you spoke.
Oh! this tomb of shrouded silence 
and filtered light.

We have curtained every sunset
off your window
you live in perpetual sunrise
Yet,I can see in your eyes
that you know well this deceit
and also how to forgive it

If I could, I would smoothen
the furrows of pain off your face
walk you to the sunlight
arm in arm
create a world of our own
But the flutter of your eyelashes say
It's not to be
It's not to be

So I hold your hand
Silent in grief
and wait for a new dawn
while the sun sits somewhere out there
behind your curtained windows.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Smile !

Let me accept the wounds of thorns
And merely touch a rose for 
it has a smile
Let me not possess it !

A smile has acquired a lot
It has made your friend say hello 
It has brought your dearest 
to the nearest.

It has greeted the stranger into you
Give the child,an affectionate smile 
Respect the superior 
with a respected smile. 

And kill the enemy with a smile 
All love letters of a friend
Are not worth one of her smiles
If the fire smiles, it lights a candle
And if it laughs, it is a disaster. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Sorrow is greatest
Not when eyes pour forth
A flood of crocodile tears
But when a little drop
Loath to leave its shelter
Hangs on to the lashes
Glittering like a little diamond

Life is loneliest
Not when you sit all alone
And think a million thoughts
But when one harsh word
Cuts you off from the world
Hurting those you love best
And leaves you in black despair.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Oh ! My Shadow

I walk in shade
Trying to hide my shadow
But every corner i turn
There's a light burning
To expose me to myself
In this long,lonely lane
So brightly illuminated !

Many a times
I tried to touch these lamps
But always, to my disappointment
They are touching the sky
And at this moment
I wish, I could reach the sky !

I look around myself
Hoping to find a stone
But,adding one more
to my disappointments
I find no stones
to break these lamps !

Illuminating this long
lonely lane
Making it so bright
To stop me
to hide my shadows !

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Ray of Hope

The nights have seen me sleepless
But I have seen the spring die

I have seen summers on fire with pain
And autumns pathetic
With wounds that bleed.

I have risen in rebellion against winters
That seemed cold
With bitterness.

I have risen with the dawn,walked,
Head held high,to meet
The morning.

Aeons, it seems, but yet your memory
And the brooding of wrongs
Can cut like a knife.
And I have struggled but not died.

Yes,the nights have seen me struggling
But I have seen the spring die

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


The evening rest now
while the sun sets
red and orange skies slowly
make way
for dusky shades
of the coming night.

it is the twilight
that I sleek
and it eludes me
with its iridescence.

The swallows and
herons and egrets
have all gone
for the day.

But even as the
one - eyed crow
fumbles above in vain
for the last greedy morsel.

And the firmament is pierced
with one lone pale star
I know that
the twilight has gone by
which I long searched for.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Love !

Love is like
arsenic (the poison
which never leaves the body)
Even after the most most intense
the bitterest quarrel
the dense hatred
the germs of love
never leave one's mind.

The relationship
ends even after the final parting
instead of the end
the parting
one more beginning. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Dream is after all
A Bubble of soap
Which will burst into
thousands of
beautiful fragments
if you done to clasp it

Dream never dies
never dream of past
which is dead and gone
never dream of future
which is yet to come

Dream brings joys
and sorrows
dream brings you
to unseen world
dream is after all
a bubble of soap.

Friday, 27 September 2013


You left me but
you could never
leave me completely
The fossils of your memory
makes it impossible to
Believe that you died
a millions years ago

It is so like yesterday
Echoes of your
mischievous laughter
Still tickle my mind.

The sensation of your touch
still flows in my vein
You seem so real
Sometimes I dream of you.

Coming out of the fossil
to hold my hand
I know you could
never do that.

But who asked you
to become a fossil
you could have
perished like many others
without leaving a trace.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

When the Night is Very Dark

When the night is very dark
I am lonely thinking of you
Some stars twinkling in the sky
And I am becoming very sad

A sweet thought comes to my mind
You and I all alone
Running towards the country fields
Holding your hands in my hand

But, sudden come to the real world
Where you are no more
Some stars twinkling in the sky
And I am becoming very sad.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Pavement Poet



Yesterday I handed over
A sheaf of my unread poems
To the pea-vendor at the street corner
He took it with a chuckle
Untinged with malice
And said
At least now, Sir,
Your poem will be read.

I think of all those people
Who buy the salted peas
And hold the warm paper-cones,
With my poetry on the inside
Some notice, some do not
And I flatter myself to think
That one considers it a bonus
With his 5 rupees worth

Stopping on his way home,
He reads the poem
Puzzled and perhaps amused
Then wiping the stains off his fingers
He drops the greased paper,
Which flutters down the pavement
Till it is picked up
By a willing passer-by
Pocketing my 5 rupees
I walked away
Musing on what pea-vendor said
To me his unintended barb
Was no barb at all,
For I realize,
And without rancour, accept
That I am just another pavement poet.
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