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Friday, 26 December 2014

A Childish Desire

Often a childish desire
Comes to my mind
Alas! It may be  
much  pleasant
If we could delay childhood
for some  years!

Parents rather think
 their children
 grow up
and take some breath
of their responsibilities.

I remember of
my twin nieces
Whenever I visit her
Fell asleep
After, a tired journey

They, played with my hairs 
putting rubber in it
extend their imagination
to the next gen arts
I rather try to hide my face.

where comes
to these kids
why not to the elders
I surprise often.

Had god given wings
to the kids
Flying in the distant sky
they rather realize
Sky is not limit.

Monday, 22 December 2014


                                                                 The more I think
The less I act,
thinking is coeval with action
and coterminous with inaction.

I always think, but never
for  consistency is the fruit of

I know thought engenders thought,
but can I fathom my mind
which is a well of thought,
a bottomless pit?

I always overthink –
A streak of Hamlet, perhaps.
The more I learn to think,
I forget what I thought.
It is a vortex from which
Perhaps no traveller returned.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pebble and Life

As I walking on the
Beach one day,
I looked down,
A pebble was staring 
back at me.

It was lying on the beach
Amidst a group,
Yet all alone,
Not knowing,
Where its destiny lay.

Not knowing
Whether it would be
picked up,
Or trodden upon
So uncertain.

And I suddenly
thought to myself,
 Isn’t that exactly
What the life is?
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