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Monday, 2 January 2017

Animals predict death

It is widely believed that Dogs can sense death beforehand. The famous novelist Thomas Hardy had a pet dog Wessex.The dog was very fond of Hardy’s friend William Watkins. 

One evening when Watkins appeared Wessex, instead of greeting him with his usual enthusiasm greeted him with whines. The dog followed the man to Hardy’s study where Wessex kept up a continuous whining. Several times, 

Wessex put his paw on Watkin’s hand only to withdraw it.
Both the man were puzzled. They examined him fully to find any possible injury.The dog was physically fine.The next morning Hardy got the news of Watkin’s death.

Dogs’ premonitions have saved many a life. Redsey, a bitch loved to go fishing on a boat with her master Mr. Montgomery. One morning in 1938 her master prepared a boat for a fishing trip.When called Redsey refused to get in. Ignoring all his persuations and even his commands she stood on the deck and barked continuously. 

Mr. Montgomery gave up the trip though the sky was clear. Soon he thanked Redesy. Within a hour a great hurricane stuck the area and hundreds of people lost their lives.

It is a common belief that telepathy is easy between two beings who have deep emotional tie. The author of ‘Your pet’s Secret Language’ John Robbins reports a case of a women who while at work suddenly thought of her dog.

Simultaneously she experienced an intense fear.She left whatever she was doing and rushed home. She found her dog entangled in a rope and slowly choking to death.

It has been seen that very often Pigs run away and hide just a day before they are to be caught for slaughtering. They return only after the pig catchers have given up the search.

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