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Friday 14 February 2014

Oh! Dreams

I know you so well
That often amidst you
I forget myself.

When as reality
Failure approaches
You make me climb
to a success peak.

I am with you
So often
That devoid of you
My day’s incomplete.

As came a people
Troubling my peace
In my heart
You stayed, to please.

I gave you
So much
That I regret
It’s memory.

When realization came
The mist you created
Drove its away
To a barren land
Where helpless I lay
returning  from you.

I hate you
You squeezed me off
My self-respect.

No efforts I raised
No life I’d make
In your midst
I lost myself.


  1. सपने सचमुच बहलाते हैं , फुसलाते हैं और भटकाते भी हैं । बहुत ही सुन्दर कविता ।

    1. सादर धन्यवाद ! आभार.

  2. Let the dreams be a source of inspiration & the mist would dissolve.


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